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Please note that the languages shown below are currently only available on the Prophecy 11.0 Premium ASR/TTS platforms. If you're using a Nuance VoiceXML platform, please refer to our Nuance International Language Guide.

Language ASR Code TTS Code TTS Gender
American English en-us en-us Female
American Spanish es-mx es-mx Female
Argentine Spanish es-ar es-ar Male
Australian English en-au en-au Female
Brazilian Portuguese pt-br pt-br Female
British English en-gb en-gb Female
Canadian French fr-ca fr-ca Female
Castilian Spanish es-es es-es Female
Catalan ca-es ca-es Female
Chilean Spanish es-cl es-cl Female
Columbian Spanish es-co es-co Female
Danish da-dk Female
Dutch nl-nl nl-nl Female
European Portuguese pt-pt pt-pt Female
Finnish fi-fi fi-fi Female
French fr-fr fr-fr Female
Galician gl-es gl-es Female
German de-de de-de Female
Greek el-gr el-gr Female
Italian it-it it-it Female
Mandarin Chinese zh-cn Female
Norwegian no-no no-no Female
Polish pl-pl pl-pl Female
Russian ru-ru Female
Swedish sv-se sv-se Female
Turkish tr-tr Female
Valencian x-va x-va Female

International Languages

The Voxeo Prophecy 11.0 Premium ASR/TTS platform supports a wide variety of languages. The list to the left shows all of the languages currently available, and the xml:lang codes needed to access them.

If you'd like to use a language not shown on this page, please contact sales@voxeo.com.

In VoiceXML, you can specify the language at the document level by including the appropriate xml:lang attribute in the <vxml> element.

If you want to switch languages within a VoiceXML document, add the appropriate xml:lang attribute to the <prompt> (for TTS) and <grammar> (for ASR) elements.

The following sample file shows how to use the various languages within a Voxeo Prophecy 11.0 Premium ASR/TTS application:


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