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Who is Voxeo?

Voxeo has deployed a managed, nationwide network for the creation of Internet-based phone applications, along with a powerful suite of tools and resources for the creation of those applications.  We've made it as easy as possible for web developers to create and deploy phone-enabled applications for an existing market of 1.5 billion telephones. Voxeo is now a unit within Aspect Software.

What can I find at this website?

Here, you'll find everything you need to create and test your first phone application in less than an hour.  This includes tutorials, open source applications, specs for CCXML and VoiceXML, access to support at the Aspect Customer Care Center, and more.

How do I create phone applications?

Currently, you use technologies like Java, Python or Ruby to create web applications for traditional web browsers via HTML.  We make it just as easy to create web applications for telephones, using phone markup languages such as VoiceXML and CCXML.

What are phone markup languages?

HTML is a markup language that describes the presentation of a visual page:  where to place images, how to display text and what URL to go to when a user clicks on a link.  Phone markup languages describe the presentation of a phone call:  when to answer the phone, what audio prompts to play, and what URL to go to when a caller presses a button on their telephone or speaks a keyword.

What is VoiceXML?

VoiceXML is a standard phone markup language that can be used for voice applications that provide phone access to content and information.  With VoiceXML, specially developed web sites can respond to inbound calls using text-to-speech, audio prompts, and commands spoken by the caller.

How much does it cost to deploy an application with Voxeo Corporation?

To members of our developer community, testing and initial trials of applications are free on our network.

How do I deploy an application with Voxeo Corporation?

Through simple web-based provisioning, you'll be given your own unique phone number for testing your applications.  You simply 'map' a phone number to a URL that has your application, and you're ready to go.

What kind of applications can be built?

You'll find a number of open source sample applications on our site written using a variety of web technologies.  These include a call center, store locator, follow-me find-me, voicemail, message broadcast and digits to find a name.

I tried to create and deploy an IVR app before, and it was a nightmare.  How is the Voxeo system different?

In one word, simplicity.  Voxeo has designed everything to hide the complexity of application creation and deployment from the developer.  Our platform is based on a web model, not CTI, so the nightmarishly intricate details of voice cards, application programming interfaces (APIs), circuit provisioning and hardware configuration are hidden behind high-level standardized mark-up languages such as CCXML, VoiceXML and simple web based deployment.

Do you offer support?

Yes!  Voxeo offers free 24x7 for our community through the Aspect Customer Care Center, our online knowledge, collaboration, and technical support site.   We also offer the experience that comes from being founded by a group of experts who have been creating & deploying Phone+Web applications for over 15 years.  We're here to make it simple for others to leverage that experience to create and deploy their own phone applications.

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