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SpeechCapture Express from TARGUSinfo enables enterprises to automate name and address capture through any telephone. Enterprises can now provide their customers and prospects with an easy-to-use, self-service application that provides the lowest average call duration, highest call completion rate, and the most satisfying customer experience in the industry.

The TARGUSinfo® Advantage SpeechCapture Express provides the industry's only complete solution for using TARGUSinfo's knowledge about who's contacting you with the power of speech recognition technology. Enterprises today are reporting greater than 92% call completion on applications that incorporate this solution.

SpeechCapture Express creates fulfillment efficiencies. All addresses captured are USPS mail deliverable addresses, insuring the capture of complete and accurate addresses. Furthermore, calls automated with SCE don't require live agent intervention and thereby reduce transcription errors and returned mail.


  • Multiple connectivity options to the TARGUSinfo® data repository of names and addresses which are linked with numbers in the North American Dialing Plan
  • First Name and Last Name speech recognition grammars that support say and spell utterance capture with fallback support to spell only utterance capture
  • Street Address speech recognition grammars that support multiple-slot recognition for capturing a street address from one utterance
  • Touchtone (DTMF) fallback to ensure the accurate capture of U.S. Zip Codes
  • Recognition for unusual street addresses including some not found in the U.S. Postal Service database, such as rural routes and general delivery addresses
  • Time-tested call flows that incorporate collection, confirmation, and error recovery features.


  • Automate 92% or more of all name and address transactions
  • Eliminate costly transfers to live agents and transcription services
  • Reduce telephony costs and agent costs through shorter call durations
  • Reduce upfront investments in costly speech recognition software and hardware
  • Reduce returned mail by capturing only CASS-certifiable addresses

Typical SCE Deployment

SpeechCapture Express (SCE) components can run on Voxeo's hosted VoiceCenter network or directly on premise equipment. In both instances, the following SCE components are provided:

  • Dialogue specification
  • Sample VoiceXML call flow
  • Name and Address grammars files
  • API to TARGUSinfo database


We offer three pricing schedules which vary depeding upon the monthly commitment. Each plan requires an annual license fee of $5,000.

Level 1

$1,000 per month minimum, with a $0.15 charge per query.

Level 2

$2,500 per month minimum, with a $0.13 charge per query.

Level 3

$5,000 per month minimum, with a $0.10 charge per query.

Note: There are no set up fees, but the annual fee and the first month's minimum need to be paid at set up.


Usage Information - see how easy it is to add name and address capture to your application.

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