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The following code shows how you can use the name and address capture subdialog in your VoiceXML application. Note that your application must run on a Targus-compatible Nuance platform. The default VoiceXML platforms are NOT Targus compatible. Please contact our support team if you don't already have a Targus-compatible platform setup for your account.

The script shown below can be run from any server, including our free webhosting (Files,Logs&Reports). If you want to customize the application, however, it's best to run the entire demo from your own server. Click here to download the latest version of the demo application. Once you unzip the application, please see the root.xml file for more information. Also, be sure to change the subdialog in start_main.xml to point to your server instead of our server.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<vxml version="2.0">

Replace the username and password with your Voxeo Evolution login.  Your account must be 
enabled with Targus name and address capture access in order for the following script 
to work.  Contact support@voxeo.com to get access in your account.


	<subdialog name="sd" src="http://api-internal.voxeo.net/targus/2.5/vxml-nuance9.0/start.xml">
		<!-- use this login -->
			<param name="username" expr="'your_username'"/>
	        <param name="password" expr="'your_password'"/>
	        <!--  or this login -->
	        <param name="accountGUID" expr="'your_accountGUID'"/>

			<!--Specify one of the following methods: getAllInfo, getAddress, getName-->
	        <param name="method" expr="'getAllInfo'"/>

			<break time="1000"/>
			We are now at the end of the targus application.  Let's reed
			back the status of our call.
	    <if cond="sd.status=='FAILED'">
			<prompt>we failed to collect your information</prompt>
	    <elseif cond="sd.status=='SUCCESS'" /> 
			<prompt>we successfully collected your information</prompt>
	    <elseif cond="sd.status=='ERROR_ACCESS'" /> 
			<prompt>Sorry, but access was denied</prompt>
	    <elseif cond="sd.status=='ERROR_SYSTEM'" /> 
			<prompt>Sorry, but this system is currently unavailable</prompt>
	    <prompt><break time="1000"/> your first name is <value expr="sd.firstname" /></prompt>
	    <prompt><break time="1000"/> your last name is <value expr="sd.lastname" /> </prompt>
		<prompt>your street is <value expr="sd.street" /></prompt>
	    <prompt><break time="1000"/> your city is <value expr="sd.city" /> </prompt>
	    <prompt><break time="1000"/> your state is <value expr="sd.state" /> </prompt>
	    <prompt><break time="1000"/> your zip code is <say-as interpret-as="number" format="digits"><value expr="sd.zipcode" /></say-as> </prompt>
	    <prompt><break time="1000"/> and your zip code plus four is
			<say-as interpret-as="number" format="digits"><value expr="sd.zipPlus4" /></say-as>
			<break time="1000"/>
			Good bye.


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