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How does it work?

Web pages consist of HTML that is rendered into a visible page by a Web browser. Similarly, a voice application consists of XML (VoiceXML or CCXML) which becomes an interactive voice application when processed by the Voxeo Corporation VoiceCenter network. All you need to do is write the application's XML, map it to a phone number in the Voxeo Application Manager, and give it a call. Or - use CXP to write the application in a feature-rich, easy-to-use development environment and have CXP Server take care of generating VoiceXML at call time.

As you can see in the diagram below, our servers fetch your voice application's XML, turning that XML into an interactive voice application for your callers.

Inbound call to your voice application  |  Outbound call from your voice application

Inbound call to your voice application | Outbound call from your voice application

In the steps below, we'll show you how to create a Voxeo developer account and build your first voice application:

Step 1: Create a FREE Voxeo Developer account

If you haven't already, you'll want to begin by creating a free Voxeo developer account. Your account includes everything you need to create voice applcations including:

  • Dozens of easy-to-follow tutorials
  • Open source sample applications
  • Aspect Customer Care Center to search our knowledge library, collaborate with your fellow developers, and request assistance from our expert analysts.
  • A dedicated phone number for you to use while testing your applications
  • Voice over IP connectivity
  • Real-time application logging and debugging
  • Local static web hosting for your voice applications

Step 2: Select an application platform

Voxeo offers two voice application platforms: VoiceXML and CCXML. You can get an overview of each platform at our Choosing A Platform guide. For creating applications, we recommend that you use Voxeo CXP; but you can also create VoiceXML and CCXML with any tool of choice.

Step 3: Start with a tutorial

Each of our documentation guides offers several tutorials with full source code. If you're new to the Voxeo developer network or to voice applications in general, it might be best to start with the first tutorial for your chosen platform:

  CXP Tutorial #1

  CCXML Tutorial #1

  VoiceXML Tutorial #1

You'll want to download the source code at the bottom of the tutorial and put the files (unzipped) on a publicly accessible Web server. If you don't have access to a Web server, you can use our free webhosting space (Files, Logs, & Reports under the ACCOUNT menu). Simply upload the files into your /root/www directory.

Step 4: Link your voice application to a phone number

Login to your free Voxeo developer account and select the Application Manager from the ACCOUNT menu. Now that we have the Application Manager open, click the Add Application button. On the following screen, select the platform type that you chose in Step 2 above.

At the Application Settings page, you'll give your application a name, and enter in the publicly accessible URL for your voice application code in the Start URL 1 field. If you're using our free webhosting space, simply click on the file manager link to map the file that you uploaded in Step 3 above. Complete all of the required fields and click the Create Application button. You should now see the assigned phone number for your application (with PIN code, where applicable).

Step 5: Open the debugger and call your application

It may take up to five minutes for your new application settings to propagate throughout our network. While you're waiting, click the Application Debugger link under the ACCOUNT menu. The debugger shows your application's activity in real-time, allowing you to monitor its progress and debug any errors it might throw.

Once you've got the debugger open, give your application a call. If you run into any problems with your application, use the Application Debugger's built-in support feature send a copy of your logs to our Extreme Support team.

Happy coding!

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