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Voxeo provides IVR products and services that dramatically reduce the cost of common phone calls to and from your company. Our proven, flexible, standards-based IVR software platform is available as follows:

  • Prophecy IVR Hosting - hosted IVR services from our facilities
  • Prophecy IVR Platform - IVR software infrastructure for your facilities

Hosted Options

Voxeo offers three main application platforms: CallXML, CCXML, and VoiceXML. Use the following reference information to determine which platform options best suit your application requirements:

Prophecy -- CallXML 3.0

The CallXML platform is available exclusively from Voxeo. CallXML 3.0 adds powerful enhancements to this widely used, simple-to-learn IVR markup. Retaining its low cost and short learning curve, 3.0 adds the ability to use simple voice recognition menus within your applications, and employs built-in conditional logic operations to further extend its capabilities. Additionally, CallXML 3.0 sports new container element aliases and also features built-in XPath support, allowing developers to build robust IVR applications using only static content. CallXML suits the needs of most telephony applications that use touch-tone input (DTMF). If your application won't need complex voice recognition, CallXML may be the right choice for you. You can visit our CallXML 3.0 Developer Guide to use our samples and how-to tutorials and start developing your applications. Prophecy CallXML 3.0 is available for use on either the Voxeo hosted network, or as a free trial installation on your local machine, another first in the industry.

Prophecy -- CCXML W3C 1.0

Voxeo offers the world's first CCXML 1.0-compliant platform. Having routed over 1 billion calls since its commercial introduction in 2002, it's hands down the best platform on which to deploy your next-generation conferencing/call routing applications to ensure that they will stand the test of time. Prophecy CCXML 1.0 is available for use on either the Voxeo hosted network, or as a free trial installation on your local machine. For details, tutorials, and code samples specific to the most recent version of CCXML 1.0, visit our CCXML 1.0 Developer Guide.

Prophecy -- VoiceXML 2.1

Prophecy is available as a hosted solution or premise platform (see On-Site Deployments below). It includes the Voxeo ASR engine (available only in US English) and is the world's first and only 100% certified-compliant VoiceXML 2.0 browser. Concerned about IVR application portability? Worry no longer, as Prophecy allows you to develop applications that won't need retooling if you migrate to another compliant platform. The Prophecy platform supports all of the VoiceXML 2.1 additions and enhancements, as well as the SISR/SRGS grammar formatting standards. It also includes legacy support for the older GSL and JSGF grammar formats. The entire Prophecy package offers you and your callers an enormous range of flexibility and options in your voice-activated IVR deployments. Note that while the Voxeo VoiceXML 2.0 Development Guide will serve as a starting point for your Prophecy VoiceXML development, some differences do exist between this version of our VoiceXML documentation and our new Prophecy implementation.

Premise Solutions

The premise version of the Prophecy platform (see preceding paragraph Prophecy - Voice XML 2.1) is available as both a software license and a preloaded turnkey server called Prophecy IVR Server. Prophecy premise deployments include CallXML, VoiceXML and CCXML browsers, as well as Voxeo Designer.

Prophecy 10.0

Voxeo's latest GA release of the Prophecy IVR platform includes all of the features of Prophecy 9.0, plus many new features like significant 10x performance improvements. Prophecy 10 is the result of more than 3,000 product performance, reliability, and usability improvements and investments made by Voxeo over the last eighteen months. While IVR platforms built with VoiceXML and CCXML standards typically support no more than 500 concurrent calls per server, Voxeo's intense focus on product quality improvements have given Prophecy the ability to support over 6,000 concurrent calls per server - more than 10-times the performance of other standards-based IVR platforms. At the same time, Prophecy works perfectly well on low-end netbook, notebook, or embedded computers requiring anywhere from 1 to 100 concurrent calls. Prophecy 10 continues to include intelligent call reporting and analytics, call conferencing and recording, Designer - an easy-to-use Visio-like visual application development tool, comprehensive SIP VoIP support, bundled US English speech recognition (ASR) and synthesis (TTS) engines, and support for more than 30 additional language engines from vendors including Cepstral, IBM, Loquendo, LumenVox, Microsoft, Nuance and Telisma. Prophecy 10 is also available in a "Pro" edition that bundles Voxeo's industry-leading CXP Application Lifecycle Suite. Prophecy 10 is available as a 100% free 2-port download at http://www.voxeo.com/prophecy.

Prophecy 9.0

Voxeo's previous release of the Prophecy IVR platform delivers many new features to the prior Prophecy 8 platform that have been requested by our users, including the ability to host the software on Linux, and Mac-based operating systems. In addition, users can take advantage of many, many more opportunities to administer on-site IVR deployments, including a completely redesigned SIP core (allowing for a much wider range of interoperability with telephony gateway solutions), extended language support, a brand new Log Analyst utility for enhanced debugging, and the Prophecy Commander dashboard for real-time monitoring and administration of your own IVR network. Prophecy 9 is available as a 100% free 2-port download at http://www.voxeo.com/prophecy.

Development Tools

Voxeo Designer

Voxeo Designer is a Graphical User Interface that makes it easy for developers and non-developers alike to create and deploy simple commercial-grade IVR applications in a Visio-like environment. The Designer utility generates 100% compliant VoiceXML from an easy-to-use interface in less than half the time it would take to hand-code application content, and also comes bundled with call transcription queuing, call detail reporting, inherent version control capabilities, and robust web service integration modules. Voxeo Designer is available both in our hosted and premise Prophecy platform solutions.

Voxeo CXP

The Voxeo CXP technology enables the development, management and analysis of sophisticated self-service mobile portals. Its Design Once - Deploy Anywhere architecture makes it easy to design an application once and deploy it on every available mobile channel, such as voice, video, text (IM, SMS, USSD) and mobile Web. The Voxe CXP solutions include the mobile application server CXP Server, the reporting and analysis portal CXP Analyzer, and the graphical development environment CXP Developer. A free download of the CXP Developer Edition is available at the CXP Developer Portal.

CXP Server, the core product of Voxeo CXP, enables highly scalable carrier-grade deployments of personalized and adaptive over-the-phone self-service applications and is designed with efficient application execution and management in mind.

CXP Analyzer is a real-time service analysis environment that enables instant analysis of key business, operational, and application design questions. Leveraging Infostore, the integrated statistics logging component of CXP Server, users can access live information through popular business intelligence software such as IBM Cognos, MicroStrategy, and SAP Business Objects.

CXP Developer is the graphical development environment for creating, testing, deploying and monitoring self-service applications for multiple channels delivered over phone and mobile devices.

CXP Hosting

The latest release of the Voxeo CXP software, CXP 12, includes the new offering CXP Hosting, the new Software-as-a-service (SaaS) version of the popular CXP Application Lifecycle Suite. CXP Hosting enables the rapid deployment and expansion of both new and existing CXP applications on Voxeo's carrier-class SaaS hosting infrastructure. CXP Hosting eliminates the need for on-premise application servers, VoiceXML IVR platforms, phone lines, load balancers, and associated overhead. Customers can significantly decrease costs and increase reliability by leveraging the new on-demand offering.

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