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Voxeo Designer is Voxeo's new easy-to-use, web-based, graphical speech / VoIP / IVR application creation tool. Designer significantly reduces the time and complexity associated with VoiceXML application development. To get started with Voxeo Designer now, simply log into your Evolution account and select the new "Voxeo Designer" icon, or just launch Voxeo Designer here. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or problems with Voxeo Designer, please post in the Voxeo Designer support forum.

Following is a quick tour of Voxeo Designer's features:

Call Flow

Designer displays your application as a simple flow-chart of various "steps" in the application flow. Each of these represents a specific announcement, input, transfer, or decision logic / integration "component" or step in the application. You can add new steps from the left menu, and edit existing steps either by clicking on them in the flow-chart view.

Sample step: Choice

The choice "step" allows you to prompt the user to select one of a list of options. You can then branch to other steps in the application based on the response from the user. Responses can include either spoken words or touch-tone phone input. You can also define a set of rules to handle errors, such as re-prompting the user if they say nothing or select an option that is not available.


Voxeo Designer automatically keeps track of any design errors or incomplete steps in your application. To view a detailed list of your errors, click the "Errors Report" button.

Prompt Library

Designer also keeps track of all of the announcements or audio prompts you create and use in your application. The "Prompt Library" button shows you each audio announcement piece or "audio text" you have used in one convenient location. The audio prompt list can also be downloaded as a spreadsheet. You can use this spreadsheet as a script to get your prompts recorded by professional voice talent such as The Great Voice Company.


Finally, the reports section of Voxeo Designer lets you define query-based reports that can be automatically emailed to you at regularly scheduled intervals. These reports can be sent in text, html, XML, or CSV format, and can include information about calls and detailed steps that have been used in your deployed application.
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