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To help make it easier for you to create professional sounding phone-based applications, we offer generic voice prompts professionally recorded in US English for your use. These voice prompts are released under the LGPL opensource license. Feel free to download and use them for your own phone applications.

Below, you will find prompts in the 8,000 Hz, 8 bit, MuLaw .wav format:

   Click here to download a ZIP of the entire Audio library.

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       view files Airports   
These audio files include names of popular airlines, airports and commonly used words and phrases generally associated with air travel.
       view files Alphabet   
Spoken letters of the English alphabet (U.S English).
       view files Common   
These files contain audio for spoken commands and application navigation.
       view files Connecting Call   
Commonly used words and phrases for connecting or transferring a call.
       view files Currency   
Files for use with U.S. currency.
       view files DTMF Tones   
Recorded audio of touch-tones - very useful when connecting to a pager or other device that allows you to punch in a call back number. Also useful for navigating third party voicemail systems.
       view files Dates and Times   
Months of the year, Days of the week and time-related audio files.
       view files Greeting Files   
Most messaging applications will have some method of recording and storing an outgoing message or greeting. These files are helpful for building this into your applications.
       view files Math   
Common words and phrases for use with mathematical calculations.
       view files Numbers   
By using combinations of these files, you can play back any number from zero to just short of infinity.
       view files PIN   
These files are helpful for building an applications which requires the caller to log in using a personal identification number(PIN).
       view files Prepositions   
Recordings of commonly used prepositions.
       view files Press Digits   
Many times applications require the caller to press a touch tone on their phone. These files have all 12 commands including "Press the Star Key" and "Press the Pound Key".
       view files Telephone   
Words and phases commonly used in telephony applications.
       view files Voicemail Messages   
These files would be commonly used in a typical voice mail application.

Additional Files

ring.wav   Telephone ring
UK_ring.wav   UK Telephone ring
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