Voxeo and iNum Global Phone Numbers

Voxeo is now a partner in the iNum initiative and can provide you with a "global phone number" which anyone in any country will be able to use to call your applications.

About iNum numbers

An iNum is a new kind of global phone number that is not tied to any country or location. It uses a new +883 global country code that was recently created by the ITU (International Telecommunication Union). An iNum offers several compelling advantages:

  • It is a global phone number that will be able to be called from anywhere in the world (see Limitations below).
  • It is a portable phone number in that it is not tied to a specific country.
  • As noted below, calls to an iNum can be free from some service providers and may be inexpensive from other providers.
  • It is reachable from both the traditional Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and also from Voice-over-IP (VoIP) providers.

Inexpensive calls from other providers

While the list of partners who allow free calls to iNums is expected to grow, developers should be aware that users will be charged to call an iNum from many service providers. This is especially true for inbound calls from mobile or fixed phones on the PSTN.

Assigning an iNum number to your application

If you create a new application in our Evolution developer portal, an iNum will be automatically assigned to your new application. Simply look on the "Phone Numbers" tab of your application settings to see your iNum number. You can also use the "Phone Numbers" tab to add a new iNum number to any of your existing applications. If you don't have a free Evolution account yet, click here to register.


The +883 country code used for iNums is still in the process of being deployed globally across the existing PSTN. As a result, users in some countries may not be able to dial an iNum directly on their existing PSTN carrier. To assist users whose carriers do not yet support the +883 country code, Voxbone, the carrier behind the iNum initiative, has set up local phone numbers in 45 countries. Please view the iNum service providers page for more information about what carriers are supporting iNum numbers. Voxbone expects to rapidly be adding more carriers in the months ahead now that iNum has been publicly launched.


  • At the current time, we are providing iNum numbers automatically for all applications created in our free developer environment. If you would like to add an iNum to a production application, please contact the Aspect Customer Care Center for information about how to obtain an iNum.
  • iNum numbers are available to be assigned in both our North American and UK development environments.
  • If for some reason you wish to configure an application to dial out to an iNum, you can do so in our NA developer site but are not currently able to do so in our UK developer site. There is no charge to you to have an application dial out to an iNum number.
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