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Voxeo offers the Voxeo Application Load Testing service, which helps ensure your application is reliable under high or moderate call load before or after full scale deployment.  The Application Load Testing service uses Emperix Hammer and Voxeo CallXML based test platforms with custom developed IVR test scripts to emulate real callers and real world telephone traffic conditions.

Reduce launch risk

Voxeo's Load Testing service is based on a multi-line test system that subjects any voice application to large, rapid and sustained inbound or outbound call tests.  These tests include application specific call flows, prompt detection, voice recognition or DTMF control, text to speech monitoring, HTTP application performance metrics, and more.  By subjecting your application to these tests prior to launch, you can significantly reduce the risk of application failure.

Expose hidden flaws

Over the course of deploying hundreds of Voice applications for our customers since 1999, Voxeo has learned that almost every Voice application initially experiences performance or reliability issues under load.  Our battery of tests help expose hidden performance and reliability issues in the entire chain of voice application layers, including:  database performance, application server performance, web server performance, internet connectivity bandwidth and latency, voice recognition responsiveness, prompt caching and playback, and more.  Many of these issues are difficult to identify without putting your applications under actual or simulated load.

The Application Load Testing service provides:

  • Up to 500 ports of concurrent load testing
  • Up to 5,000 total port-hours of testing
  • Custom IVR test scripts tuned to your application
  • Application design and implementation consulting with our engineers
  • Identification of failure points and bottlenecks
  • Suggested usability and performance improvements

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