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Voxeo's Evolution IVR developer site is a feature-filled service that you can use to design, create, and test IVR applications. The Evolution IVR developer site provides you with all of the following platforms, tools, resources, features, and services:

Platform Features

Voxeo features a wide and flexible variety of XML based telephony application platforms and features, including W3C standard VoiceXML 2.0 and CCXML, plus Voxeo's super-simple CallXML 2.0 platform. Our platforms all include a number of unique features, including enhanced call control, call conferencing, call recording, outbound calls, and more...

  • VoiceXML: Voxeo's VoiceXML browser supports 100% of the W3C VoiceXML 2.0 specification, including audio playback and recording, voice recognition and touch-tone entry, speech synthesis, call transfers, and more. Unlike others, our VoiceXML browser supports multiple languages, automatic debug emails on error, and full integration with CCXML, the W3C standard for robust call control. (Free)

  • CCXML: Voxeo's CCXML browser is the most widely used, feature-filled CCXML browser out. As editor and chair of the W3C CCXML specification, we lead the industry in designing and implementing the CCXML specification. Our latest CCXML implementation features fine-grained control over call control including the ability to accept or reject calls based on caller-id, comprehensive call redirection and transfers, full call conferencing for 2 to 30 participants, and the ability to initiate VoiceXML dialogs on demand. (Free)

  • CallXML: Voxeo's CallXML browser is a quick, easy, flexible platform for IVR applications. CallXML supports audio playback and recording, speech synthesis, advanced call control, conferencing, and more in an integrated, simple, easy to learn markup language. IVR application development has never been easier! (Free)

  • Inbound and outbound calls: Voxeo supports the ability to initiate outbound calls via an HTTP control interface. Single calls can be placed from "click to dial" buttons in HTML applications, or automated applications can use the HTTP interface to place thousands of outbound calls quickly. (Outbound calls are part of the $39.95 per month Evolution Professional Program)

  • Call Conferencing: Voxeo uniquely supports XML driven, crystal clear conferencing for 2 to 30 participants from VoiceXML, CCXML, and CallXML platforms. CCXML and CallXML feature directly support elements to create, join, mute, leave, and destroy on-demand conferences. And VoiceXML/CCXML integration enables full conferencing capabilities from any VoiceXML application. (Free)

  • Call Recording: Voxeo also supports the ability to record all or a random percentage of all calls for telesales, training, security, verification, or application analysis. Recorded calls are stored as .wav files within the Voxeo account management site. These files can be downloaded or played at any time. (Call Recording is part of the $39.95 per month Evolution Professional Program)

  • Direct-dial numbers: Unlike services that make you enter a pin or extension code every time you call in, Voxeo features direct-dial numbers that instantly connect to your CCXML, CallXML, or VoiceXML application. This simple feature saves time and frustration - especially when dialing applications repeatedly for testing and debugging. (Free)

  • Voice over IP: Better yet, Voxeo's Voice over IP integration with Free World Dialup let's you call your application directly from your desktop or notebook with a single mouse click. In addition to saving time and frustration, this advanced feature lets you call your applications for free from anywhere in the world. (Free)

  • Failover URL's: For reliability and redundancy, every application you create on the Voxeo platform can be provisioned behind multiple URL's anywhere on the internet. When customers or end users dial your Voxeo phone numbers, the Voxeo platform will hit primary, secondary, and tertiary URL's to ensure your application "gets the call". (Free)

  • Failover Phone Number: If your web server or application is not responding, the Voxeo platform can also transfer the inbound call to any telephone number - including backup or bypass call centers. (Failover calls are part of the $39.95 per month Evolution Professional Program)


Account Management

Our web-based account management site lets you quickly provision new XML IVR applications, debug applications, host simple XML and audio content at Voxeo, and view error logs.

  • Applications: Voxeo's application manager contains settings for all of your voice applications, including its URLs, mapped phone numbers and outbound dialing tokens. From here you can add new applications, map them to URLs, and connect applications to new or existing phone numbers. (Free)

  • Application Debugger: Voxeo's application debugger provides real time call trace / logging output from your applications, and features the ability to pause, resume, and stop any call. Plus, you can inspect the variables and XML document fetch history and content of any VoiceXML, CallXML, and CCXML application. (Free)

  • Files & Web Hosting: Voxeo's Evolution developer site includes the ability to host static xml or audio content directly at Voxeo. This feature can be used to host simple CallXML, CCXML, or VoiceXML applications that do not require dynamic scripting support from languages such as PHP, JSP, or ASP. For dynamic applications, audio prompt content can still be hosted directly with Voxeo. (Free)

  • Archived Logging: Lets you go back and view up to 30 days of historical log information. Logs can be viewed online or downloaded at any time via web or FTP. Logs include full call trace details, including caller id, call time and date, voice commands issued, DTMF keys entered, and platform level actions and events for audio playback, recording, speech synthesis, hangups, and more. (Archived logs are included with the $39.95 per month Evolution Professional service)


Voxeo's Extreme Guides integrate language tutorials, best practices, a comprehensive element reference, and a single page element summary with all the information you need in one easy to find location.
  • Tutorials: Over 50 tutorials cover everything from VoiceXML, CCXML, and CallXML basics to advanced subjects, including: touch tone and voice driven entry, audio files, database integration, caching and performance, call conferencing, and more. (Free)

  • Best Practices: Each language guide includes a section on best practices for XML IVR applications, built from over 5 years of development experience across hundreds of customers and developers. (Free)

  • Element Reference: The Extreme Guide element reference details every tag in VoiceXML, CCXML, and CallXML, with full attribute and syntax descriptions, cross-indexed references to related elements, and sample code for each and every element. (Free)

  • Element Summary: The Element Summary provides a clear, concise, single page listing of every element and attribute in the language. And, you can simply move your mouse pointer over any element or attribute to get a full pop-up description - without having to load and wait for another page. (Free)

  • User Annotations: Every page in Voxeo's Extreme Guides support user annotations. This feature lets y ou and other Evolution developers can add useful comments, usage notes, suggest documentation improvements, ask guide related questions, and more. (Free)

Tools & Downloads

  • Pre-recorded Audio library: To help make it easier for you to create professional sounding phone-based applications, we've had many generic voice prompts professionally recorded by The Great Voice Company for your use. These voice prompts are released under the LGPL opensource license. Feel free to download and use them for your own phone applications. (Free)

  • VoiceXML Grammars: Our VoiceXML grammar files contain ready to go code for common voice entry, including airports, area codes, cities, states, zip codes, numbers, days and dates, and much more. (Free)

  • VoiceXML and CallXML Sample Applications: To help make it easier for you to create VoiceXML and CallXML solutions, we've created several sample applications using a number of different web development languages. These applications are released under the LGPL opensource license. (Free)

Paid Services

  • VUI Design & Analysis: Voxeo offers a full suite of Voice User Interface (VUI) design services to ensure the success of your VoiceXML applications. Voice application success is achieved by making your callers as comfortable as possible. Voxeo VUI Analysis & Design services will save you engineering time and prompt production costs, and avoid the need to rework your application for VUI optimization later. (Per hour fee)

  • Prompt Recording: Voxeo and our voice prompt partner The Great Voice Company can deliver your voice prompts on time, on budget, and in any language with top-notch native voice talent. The Great Voice Company has recorded and delivered over 2 million prompts since 1987 - including the free Voxeo Audio Prompt Library. (Per prompt fee)

  • Load Testing: The Voxeo Application Load Testing service helps ensure your application is reliable under high call load before or after full scale deployment. Voxeo's Application Load Testing service uses Emperix Hammer and Voxeo CallXML based test platforms with custom developed test scripts to emulate real callers and real world telephone traffic conditions. These tests help expose hidden performance and reliability issues, including: database performance, application server performance, web server performance, internet connectivity bandwidth and latency, voice recognition responsiveness, prompt caching and playback, and more. (Per hour fee)

  • Application Monitoring: The Voxeo Application Monitoring service helps ensure your voice applications have the uptime, availability, and responsiveness required to deliver high quality of service. Our automated monitoring solution can call, ping, and perform test requests to your application on a regularly scheduled basis throughout the day, and alert the telephone, email, sms, and instant message contacts you specify any time a problem is detected. (Monthly fee)

Extreme Support

  • Forums: Voxeo's Extreme Support forums feature support areas for VoiceXML, CCXML, CallXML, Voxeo Designer, site suggestions, and general questions. All posted questions are answered within one business day - and are normally answered in less than one business hour. (Free)

  • Email and telephone support: Voxeo's Extreme Support team will answer your technical and integration questions via email or phone, within two business hours, seven days a week. Our support team is staffed with VoiceXML, CCXML, and CallXML experts who have full web and voice application development skills and know our platform inside and out. (Email and phone support is part of the Evolution Professional $39.95 per month developer program)

  • FAQ: The Evolution Developer FAQ, or Frequently Asked Questions, answers general questions about Voxeo, the Evolution Developer program, XML IVR technologies, and more. (Free)

  • Production Support: The Evolution developer program is only for the development and testing phases of telephony applications. What happens when your applications go live? Voxeo offers production support services to customers who deploy solutions in our production network. We provide core account services, 24x7x365 network operations, and customer care. We can also offer a number of add-on services that help keep your application up-and-running. VoiceCenter production IVR hosting is designed for customers who value mission-critical reliability, redundancy, and world-class customer service and support. Our retail pricing starts at $0.18 per minute with a $500 monthly minimum, and can go as low as $0.08 per minute for customers driving millions of calls and minutes per month. Channel reseller and VAR pricing options are also available.
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