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Escalating a Support Request

Voxeo Support Escalations

In the event of service-affecting problems, a formal escalation path is defined for production-level customers that will allow you to receive an immediate, all-hands emergency resolution. Upon the official launch of production-grade services, customers should receive a Welcome package containing contact information for your designated Account Manager and the Management team.

In scenarios where customer communications or system monitoring indicates that a traffic-affecting problem is present, the Customer Obsession Team will escalate to the senior-most technical resources and to the Voxeo Management team on your behalf. In the event that you have a support inquiry that you feel requires immediate attention, we suggest that you first create a support ticket describing the issue, and then contact your Account Manager or the Management team, in that order, to initiate additional Voxeo efforts to bring about a resolution.

What Happens During an Escalation

As the Voxeo team considers the resolution of any customer-affecting problem to be our number one goal, any priority escalation will follow the process listed below:

  • The Customer Obsession Team will contact your designated Account Manager, the Director of Customer Support, and the Vice President of Customer Experience within 10 minutes of the issue being formally escalated.
    • Your Account Manager will then engage technical resources from the Platform Engineering team, the Premise Engineering team, the Telecom team, and the Network Operation team as needed.
    • Both the Customer Obsession Team and your Account Manager will provide pro-active notifications to you as to the status of the resolution in real-time as needed.
  • If the problem has not been resolved after an additional 20 minutes after the second-stage escalation, Voxeo´s CEO is informed to ensure that any priority issues receive the highest management visibility until the problem is resolved.

Support Escalation Flow

The following illustration shows how production-level priority issues are escalated to engage the Management team to ensure that problems are given appropriate attention levels, and how far Voxeo is willing to go to ensure accurate resolutions by engaging the highest levels of management. Regardless of the hour or date, any and all customer issues that are deemed to be critical in nature are escalated in this manner to maintain 24/7/365 up-time for our customers.

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